Lilliput Dorset Gin is distilled with pride in Dorset from our very own home-grown organic Rosemary, organic Basil from Egypt, organic Thyme from Spain and organic fresh water fermented Kalamata Olives from Greece. For us, it is this combination of tastes and aromas that evoke the feeling of being by the coast and best capture our desire to escape to the Dorset coastline.  

Our rosemary, basil, thyme and olives are all infused separately in a grain spirit to ensure we capture each of their individual distinctive flavours and aromas, we then combine these separate infusions together with our own unique blend of botanicals including our most predominant, beautiful wild foraged Juniper from the mountains above Sarajevo in Bosnia. 

Long Live Summer, the spirit that drives us - Lilliput Dorset Gin emerged from our founders desire to create a product that captured the invigorating spirit of summer on the Dorset coast, escaping from the daily dramas of life back to something just a little more real, the simpler, refreshing and timeless beauty of life on the Jurassic coastline of Dorset.

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