After realising that the day job hadn’t summoned a smile to my face for as long as I dared to remember, I decided to jack in the day job to set up Dorset’s first Gin distillery. As you do. So here we are - Conker Spirit, creators of the Dorset Dry! Nestled in the sandy backstreets of Southbourne in Bournemouth, we distil, bottle, label and hand-sign every bottle of our award winning Dorset Dry gin. We wanted to create a genuine alternative to the mob of London Dry gins out there, whilst still remaining a classic gin led by juniper. The Dorset Dry precisely balances the classic notes of juniper pine and citrus with the fresh, bright and herbaceous notes of elderberries, marsh samphire and hand-picked Dorset gorse flowers. The Dorset Dry is brazenly refreshing and deftly smooth, crafted to stand up on its own, poured and adored over ice. With tonic, Conker holds its own making a moreish G&T without the need for a gimmicky garnish to make it interesting (just a strip of lime or grapefruit peel works wonders!).